Heirloom Films

This month’s featured business is Heirloom Films, owned and operated by Cory Bretz, a video biographer and personal historian.  Cory brings skills like genealogy, interviewing, writing, and archiving to the field of recording family history.  Cory understands how to gather and organize the countless details that make up your life story. Being a natural story-teller, he easily summarizes and illustrates your life story so your audience – today and tomorrow – will want to watch it.

Cory is a hands-on writer and video biographer. Whether with a detailed or relaxed approach, the fundamental questions that inform Cory’s biography and family history video-biographies are, “what are you trying to say?” and “who are you trying to say it to?

With the huge growth of internet video sites like YouTube and Facebook, Cory knows that our society is rapidly arriving at a place where if you are not in video on the web somewhere, you do not exist! 

If you have a story to tell, or know someone who has a fantastic history, Cory Bretz can help tell it.