October 2012

MA West is starting the year off right!

The Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver Winner 2012The Georgia Straight has awarded me the title of Best Mortgage Broker in Vancouver, with MA West’s own Birgit Holm in a close second! Congratulations to everyone at MA West for all of their hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction. And thank you to all those who voted for me!

Fall is officially upon us!

The kids are back to school, and soon the leaves will change, which means Thanksgiving and Halloween will be here quicker than you realize. This time of year is always a welcome transition, however, as I feel inspired to purge the house, attempt new recipes and focus on new projects – both at home and at work.

Market Forecast…

“When is the right time to buy?”

I often get asked, “When is the right time to buy?” The Vancouver market is generally stable, attracting investors from all over the world. People want to invest in a market that is always in a state of demand.  Read More >>

Marci’s Charity…

We are 42 Km closer to a cure!

My dear friend, Marci Deane, is trying to accomplish something very impressive – both for herself and for people around the world. She is scheduled to run in her first full marathon, with 25,000 other women, on Sunday, October 14th, 2012 in San Francisco.  Read More >>

Business of the Month

Heirloom Films

This month’s featured business is Heirloom Films, owned and operated by Cory Bretz, a video biographer and personal historian. Cory brings skills like genealogy, interviewing, writing, and archiving to the field of recording family history.  Read More >

Personal Note

I cannot believe how fast the summer flies – especially when we are having so much fun! It’s back to school for the boys, but not before one last camping trip the The Gorge in Washington to see Dave Matthews – Tyson’s first concert. He had a blast!

Austin and Tyson are both excited to return to school… something I will cherish while it lasts. Austin loves seeing his friends and discovering new things. For instance, one night at dinner, he was trying to figure our division and how it works – not bad for a seven year old! For Tyson, he is excited to explore this whole, new world called Kindergarten: new kids, toys and adventures.

I think this is going to be a fantastic school year for the boys. When they fall asleep in under five minutes, I know they are having a blast!

As you get ready for fall, keep in mind that affording a home of your own is possible. All you need is some financial planning, a good realtor and a knowledgeable mortgage broker on your side. Fall is a great time for change – especially if that change is a new home you can all your own. Contact me today to start planning!

Coming up next month

Be sure to support Marci Deane in her epic quest to run a full marathon! All funds raised by Marci go towards cancer research. Let's find a cure together: donate today!
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