Our Thoughts

November 2011

Better…is better than bigger. But bigger has made us better!

(If you think that’s confusing, try reading your mortgage statement)

We’ve merged!

We are now Mortgage Alliance West. We are a partnership of three mortgage brokerages with more than 20 certified and established mortgage brokers. We are like-minded in our passion for getting our clients the best mortgage. Together, we strive to be leaders in technology, customer and community service, and experts in navigating the housing market.

But most importantly to you…we are team players for the entire length of your mortgage – not just until you sign on the dotted line.

Our new team is further dedicated to working for you. We don’t just call you when it’s time to renew your mortgage. We’re always looking for the best options for you, and regularly informing you of important information that could affect your short and long term goals.

Power in numbers. Team strength. Forward thinkers. Pick your favourite cliché. The fact is, we’re now a better company. Bigger, yes. But confident this merger makes us better.

And better is, well…better.

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