May 2012

Finally, something like summer is upon us!

With the breathtaking week of sun we had in the Lower Mainland, sun dresses, flip flops and shorts have all been rooted out from under the bed and the back of the closet. Patios, here I come…

Market Forecast…

All in all, the condo market is stable

I know you are itching to play outside, so let’s take a quick look at the market forecast. Read More >>

Don’t forget to protect your skin this summer!

Be smart and wear sunscreen

Here are some helpful facts to ensure you and your family have a healthy and happy summer by protecting your skin… Read more >>

Featured Business…

Creative that blows your mind – every time

This month’s featured business is none other than the illustrious team at Flipside. Overseen by the ever-creative Kim McMullen, the team at Flipside are simply the best when it comes to creative marketing. Read more >>

On a Personal Note…

Thank goodness our renovation is finished.

Since we recently finished a major renovation of our kitchen, expanding it into the yard a little to give us some more room, our backyard is now in need of some TLC. Our plans are to get our hands dirty with the boys, starting with weeding. Hopefully, the vegetable garden I envision will happen this summer – and with any luck the boys will take an interest, too!

I hope your summer is off to an amazing start and whether you are travelling, camping or just chilling out in your backyard, I hope that the sun rewards us all with some more of her beautiful rays. British Columbia truly is beautiful: get out there and enjoy it!

Coming up next month

Stay tuned for my upcoming seminar series! First up, My Mortgage Makes Me Sick on June 13!
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