March 2013

Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver

If you need a reason to stay positive this spring, stop and look around. All that rain we begin to despise this time each year is what makes Vancouver such a beautiful place to live. Stay positive by focusing on the Cherry Blossoms showering Vancouver, not the rain!


Brings a positive sense of change

It’s that time of year. The one where you start dreaming of sun and start cursing the clouds. Spring always brings a positive sense of change and starting afresh. And whether I like it or not, you can always catch me taking part in spring cleaning in some way, shape or form.

Personal Note…

Spring Break

This Spring Break, the Bests are staying close to home. We decided to have fun doing local things since we only have one week. And let’s face it: resting up will give us the ability to tackle the end of the school year with renewed energy.

Plus, we took advantage of an Alaskan Airways seat sale out of Bellingham. It’s easy to rest at home, knowing that you are flying to Hawaii for $300 per person in April!

Business of the Month…

Great Heights Building Maintenance

This month’s featured business is owned and operated by Shawn Mahon. Great Heights Building Maintenance is passionate about residential and commercial window and pressure washing, and they’re trusted to clean some of downtown Vancouver’s premier highrises. Read More >>

The summer is almost here! If you are looking for a place to spring clean that you can call your own, but think homeownership is an impossible goal, contact me. With planning, we can help achieve your goals and start you on your journey to homeownership today.

Coming up next month

Give your Employees the Best! We have a fantastic – and free! – corporate program for small to large businesses. Add our Corporate Program to your existing benefits package and show your employees that you care by encouraging their financial growth and supporting their homeownership dreams. Please contact me for more information.
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