July 2013

Are you ready for summer?

BBQ and patio season is upon us! If you’re having backyard or patio envy, it might be time to sit down and plan how you can achieve your outdoor dreams – maybe even in time for next summer!

Behind Closed Doors: …

Big Banks

You hear a lot about home equity lines of credit (HELOC) these days, but those pushing them are not disclosing all the details. According to Paolo Di Petta, a broker with EQRON Mortgage, big banks are choosing to sell consumers on home equity lines of credit since they require less maintenance and require no renewal work.  In other words, the banks are making more money and doing less work with HELOCs than with mortgages.


Personal Note…

Is there school tomorrow?

The boys are ready for school to be over. Everyday Tyson asks, “Is there school after this day?” That’s how he asks about tomorrow! It’s funny how the summer (in terms of school) is not quite here, and yet the fall seems to be looming over me already.

Nevertheless, summer is always fun and full of camping. Our favourite is still Blue Lake, just past Boston Bar. We have friends and family visiting all summer. Plus, I am going to be doing a trip with three generations family: my sister, my mom and my niece. I just hope time doesn’t fly too fast with all this fun!

Business of the Month…


This month’s featured business is Finisterra, owned and operated by Rob Kruse and Keri Montgomery. Finisterra means “the point which you peer out over the edge of the world,” and that is literally what Rob and Keri aim to achieve. Finisterra encourages a love of travel; they want you to love it as much as they do!  They are committed to giving each client the best tour for the best value.  How? They pledge to not skip the incredible opportunities that most tour companies leave out in order to make their tour packages appear cheaper.

They carefully design each itinerary to showcase the most beautiful regions of the countries you want to visit, where travellers can immerse themselves in the culture and share in diverse and exciting new experiences. They also pride themselves on being local, meaning you eat locally, stay locally, and create all new experiences on every trip through their own local contacts, built up over years of tour guiding.

At Finisterra, they don’t want to take you on a trip. They want to provide an experience that you will remember for a lifetime!

I hope that your summer gets off to a great start! I’ve lived here such a long time and yet I am constantly amazed by how stunning BC is. Go play outside and enjoy beautiful British Columbia!

Coming up next month

Are you suffering from backyard envy? Patio lust? I can help! Contact me today to set up your homeownership plan and make your dreams a reality.
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