January 2014

Happy New Year!

A fresh start. A new beginning. Resolutions. The New Year is full of possibilities! What is your 2014 goal? I want to ensure my clients continue to pay the most affordable rates in 2014, regardless of how the market acts. And speaking of goals…

What is your financial priority for 2014?…

Paying down debt?

For many Canadians, it’s paying down their debt. For the fourth year in a row, Canadians polled have picked decreasing their debt as their top priority for the coming year. But the poll, administered by Harris/Decima, also indicated that Canadians struggle to reach this goal every year. Meeting with a financial adviser and raising the topic of debt management were two key road blocks for Canadians who wish to pay down their debt. British Columbia was the only province where saving for retirement narrowly beat paying down debt as the top financial goal.

Vancouver’s housing market proved balanced and stable in 2013, despite the dire warnings heard at the beginning of the year. Investing in real estate in Vancouver, whether it is a family home or a pure investment property, can be a part of your financial portfolio. But this form of investment needs to be approached with caution.

Whether your plan is to pay down some debt or to plan for retirement this year, your mortgage plays an integral part in your plan. Before you make a financial plan or budget for 2014, or before you meet with a financial adviser, let’s take a look at your mortgage. Once you know the present and future state of your mortgage, you can go into 2014 armed with knowledge and a detailed plan, whatever your financial goal may be.

Personal Note…

Christmas is already over…

Our 2013 passed by in a flash, and I can’t believe Christmas is already over! Christmas was exceptionally fun this year at our house; Dan and I finally caved and decided the boys were ready for iPads. Right now, the boys are focused on games, but that will pass, and I am excited to see what they will choose to learn or create. (Mind you I did not just give them full access. Thank goodness Macfanatic exists because they specialize in parental controls. They have a great program that I can use to see how the boys are using their iPads. I think this is the best of both worlds: I want the boys to have the freedom to explore, but don’t want them to have to deal with the ugly stuff.)

Business of the Month…

Mindful Movement

Start your New Year’s health and wellness resolution off right by learning yoga or by prefecting your poses. Christina Niven of Mindful Movement is a highly trained and experienced yoga instructor who focuses on individual teaching for a wide variety of people. Working with people of various ages, fitness levels and at different stages of health, Christina ensures her teaching targets the needs of the individual. She customizes each session to suit the immediate and long term needs of her client. From strengthening to healing, her yoga addresses the areas that each client needs, whether it’s pushing though their boundaries or to gently nurturing their recovery.

Christina also teaches small, specialized group classes, including Yoga for Stiff Guys and Gentle Hatha Yoga. She is also available to teach classes at offices who wish to promote wellness. Make 2014 the year you learn to move mindfully!

Make 2014 Count:

Make this the year your budget goals are realized. I am available if you’d like to discuss a plan for paying down your mortgage or using your existing mortgage to help pay down some debt. It’s a new beginning – let’s make your mortgage work for you.

Coming up next month

This year, Mortgage Alliance will be running a draw to help you pay down your mortgage! Want to learn more? Stay tuned!
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