Happy New Year!

Speaking of future plans…

Fresh starts are invigorating. We all make resolutions on January 1st. But let’s face it, the excitement wears off and resolutions can become a pain to keep up with the rest of the year. Instead of beating yourself up, why not make it simpler to achieve your goals? Here are three easy tools which can help you and your family make this year a success!

Dieting and exercise are at the top of most people’s resolution lists. If you want to achieve your personal health and fitness goals, you will have an easier time sticking with your plan by tracking your progress. Abvio makes a range of apps for iPhones, including Cyclemeter which tracks and analyzes your personal fitness data. For Android users, iMapMyRIDE is a similar app with a range for running, walking and hiking.

If you are keen to start keeping a journal of your life, there is an app to help you take your resolution with you. Momento allows you to keep a traditional diary, written by you, while incorporating social media, photographs and music – all while keeping your information safe with password protection.

For help with financial goals, check out Mint.com. It takes 15 minutes to upload your accounts and get a balance sheet, spelling out for you what you own, owe and what’s coming in and going out. Then, you can have a clearer vision of what goals are achievable and how to plan accordingly.