Empower Lease Corp

This month’s featured business is Empower Lease Corp. David Hatlelid is an all-around nice guy, and customer service and satisfaction come first – always. David at Empower puts you in the driver’s seat; you choose the direction and they pave the way for a simple and smooth journey. And he journeys with you until you are satisfied.

Empower is the alternative to traditional sales and leasing. When you choose Empower as your vehicle professionals, you receive more selection, more attention and more freedom. They specialize in sourcing all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, and commercial equipment, and they can help you find the perfect vehicle to match your needs and budget – no strings attached. David and Empower both pride themselves in offering a complete, one-stop service for all of your personal or corporate vehicle and equipment requirements. Whether you’re searching for a family car or a fleet of cargo vans, Empower has the solution.

Empower’s uniquely personal service provides unbiased, independent advice on all available models of vehicles and equipment, with a lease or finance plan specifically designed to suit your needs. Contact David to learn how he can help you drive away in the car you want. Empower is the power of choice!