February 2013

Happy Spring!

Spring has finally sprung, or at least that is what the tulip bulbs are telling me. February gives me reasons – and a new holiday – to pause and smell something other than rain.

Don’t believe everything you hear…

Vancouver is a buyer’s market

Speaking of grey skies, let me shine some light on a currently cloudy subject: the Canadian housing market. Don’t believe everything you hear. The statistics from January indicate that Vancouver is a buyer’s market at the moment. And there is still affordable housing to be found in Vancouver. With the right real estate agent and a mortgage broker who thinks outside the box and fights for you, you can own your own home. Read More >>

Personal Note…

Forget Family Day

Forget Family Day – the Bests had a Family Weekend. We spent Saturday evening with friends, with a total of 11 kids ranging in age from 3-16, so of course the night included dancing Gangdam style! We spent Sunday with the Canucks, watching them show off their skills. Our eldest was a wild man and our youngest took a nap, different strokes for different folks! We finished the weekend off with a family dinner, a visit to Grandpa Jim’s and a play date with cousins. It was truly the Best Family Weekend!

Business of the Month…

Empower Lease Corp.

This month’s featured business is Empower Lease Corp. David Hatlelid is an all-around nice guy, and customer service and satisfaction come first – always. David at Empower puts you in the driver’s seat; you choose the direction and they pave the way for a simple and smooth journey. And he journeys with you until you are satisfied. Read More >>

I hope that spring is putting some pep in your step. And if you need to feel the love this month – when it comes to saving you money and stress, that is – give me a shout! I’d love to help you get that warm and fuzzy homeownership feeling.

Coming up next month

Give your Employees the Best! We have a fantastic – and free! – corporate program for small to large businesses. Add our Corporate Program to your existing benefits package and show your employees that you care by encouraging their financial growth and supporting their homeownership dreams. Please contact me for more information.
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