December 2013

Happy Holidays!

I cannot believe it’s December already; 2013 seemed to fly by! If you can’t believe another year has passed in your cramped home, there is hope! I know many find this season busy, but there is always time to start planning how to get you and your family into a bigger home in 2014.

If you are happy with your home but your mortgage renews in 2014, here are some points to consider…

Your Mortgage On Your Terms…

Understand all the Jargon

I am often asked to define various mortgage-related words. Every mortgage has a lending rate and features. You may think the lowest mortgage rate (the interest rate used to determine the lending/borrowing amount and term) is the best mortgage possible, but low rates can be misleading. Consumers see a bank’s advertised low, low rate and think, “Wow! Now that’s a deal! I should switch my mortgage.” But large banks will often hide behind their lowest rate.

Features are the key points usually contained in the fine print of your mortgage. Features can make or break your mortgage. You will be liable for the features of your mortgage for the term, or the length, of your mortgage, and this becomes very important when you are locked into a mortgage. Features determine vital points, such as the penalty (if any) incurred if you decide to pay off your mortgage early, or if you decide to move your mortgage, or even when you can sell your home. (Speaking as your advocate, I strongly encourage you to read all the fine print on a mortgage contract.)

The point is, if you want to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible, you absolutely need to choose the right term. “Term” refers to the amount of time you will be borrowing the money, which will dictate your total borrowing cost, as well as how and when you are able to pay it back.

The ideal mortgage is one which meets all of your needs in the best way possible. And that’s where mortgage brokers come in! We ensure you have all the details, understand all the jargon and can make an informed decision. Peace of mind is almost as valuable as the right mortgage; let’s make sure you have both.

Personal Note…

Christmas is here…

Like I said before, I cannot believe that Christmas is here already! This year the boys are all about BeyBlades, the cool version of spinning tops they “battle” with in an “arena.” We are starting to struggle with Santa-doubt this year, but I think we can stretch their imaginations for one more year!

Christmas for me is all about spending time with the people I love: my parents, my kids and my husband. My parents will be visiting again this year, and the kids are excited to have the family all together, and so am I!

Business of the Month…

Blumen Floral Boutique

With Christmas just around the corner, this month’s featured business is Blumen Floral Boutique. Mike Dreher ensures his customers receive efficient service and quality floral bouquets that are timeless and unique. Blumen is the proud recipient of the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver Runner-Up 2012 Award.

Blumen is centrally located at Cambie and West 8th Avenue, and they deliver to the entire Lower Mainland. They offer a weekly floral delivery program, a great holiday gift for your mother or significant other. Other gift options include the incredible Grinch Tree and interesting Florist Courses, which they offer in-house.

Whatever your floral needs, Blumen offers quality and convenience that you and your recipient will be delighted with. At Blumen, you can always find that something special for that special someone!

Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year!

Whatever your reason for the season, I hope you get to spend some wonderful time with those you love.

Coming up next month

Let's start the New Year off right: What changes to do you want to make? If any resolutions are home-related, let's talk and make it happen!
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