Glossed Studio

This month’s featured business is Glossed Studio, which is Keely Anderson’s hair, makeup and nail studio located in Vancouver’s East Side. Keely has been in the hair and makeup industry for over 10 years, and has a wide variety of experience, from classic makeup looks (e.g. red lips or smokey eyes) to more elaborate/speciality looks (e.g. Belly Dancer makeup). Keely is a beauty educator in downtown Vancouver and is an avid beauty blogger, following trends and styles to keep us regular girls up-to-date. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, she never leaves a nail unpolished or a hair out of place: every look is picture perfect, whatever the style. Keely prides herself on using non-toxic makeup, hair products and nail gels, leaving your pampered self flawless – both inside and out.

Glossed Studio specializes in bridal hair and makeup, for both the bride and her party, ensuring that everyone complements the bride and looks their best for the Big Day. Glossed Studio offers a variety of packages to accommodate any budget.

If you are looking to treat a woman in your life – or yourself – this holiday season, go green with beauty and get a Glossed gift certificate.