Christmas Traditions

Typically, the housing market slows during December, but currently business is picking up for me, meaning I’m not sure how much down time I will have this holiday season. But this year, my parents are coming to stay starting on December 13th which means the boys will be kept busy, leaving me more time to work… and hopefully relax!

This year, we have been working on the value of material possessions with the boys. Tyson is still a bit too young, but Austin is trying to figure out how money works. He hasn’t quite grasped the “you have to make money to have money” idea, but we are working on it.
Every year, I look forward to the Christmas traditions we have in our family. Little things, like going to the tree farm, baking cookies with the boys, and new PJ’s on Christmas Eve.

I would love to hear about your family’s Christmas traditions. Post them on the Gina Knows Best Facebook wall so we can learn about some new holiday traditions to incorporate next year!