August 2012

Summer in Vancouver!

Summer was in full swing this month in Vancouver. It is no wonder that people from all over the world want to live in BC! When the sun shines, I remember how truly blessed I am to live in BC and to be helping others to achieve the same goal.

Market Forecast…

Decreased sales means Vancouver is now a buyer’s market

Although July saw a decrease in both sales and average home prices (by a mere 0.8%), I’d like to point out a few positives to the current housing market. First, decreased sales means Vancouver is now a buyer’s market, which is great for – well – buyers. If you’ve been looking to get into a home without intense bidding wars or to buy a fixer-upper for less, now is the time to put your “365 Days to Achieve Your Dream” plan into action! Read More >>

On a personal note…

Blue Lake is great for families

With all the incredible weather we had this month, my family and I have been camping quite a bit! We found a spectacular place, called Blue Lake Resort. We recently went there with Dan’s two sisters and their families. The entire experience was amazing – for us and the kids! Blue Lake is great for families; they have many trails, a beautiful lake and lovely staff. We are happy to have finally found a place to camp for the weekend, as Blue Lake is only a two hour drive away from Vancouver.

Business of the Month

The Move Man

This month’s spotlight is focused on The Move Man, which is owned and operated by Ian Moore. The “Move Men” are not your stereotypical movers. The team always arrive in uniform, clean cut and smoke-free. And that’s not all: they take extra care when moving your furniture, even offering assembly assistance, if needed. The Move Man is fully insured and offers a “no nonsense” rate scale; there are no hidden fees or surcharges with Ian and his team. Read More >

I hope you are having a fantastic summer, full of friends, family and sun. Remember to get out and explore beautiful BC!

Coming up next month

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