April + May 2013

It’s Patio Season

May is the start of the patio, yard work, and hiking season—and guess what? It’s also Lyme Disease Awareness month. Now is the perfect time to learn a little bit more about how to keep your family protected from ticks, which are the main culprits in transmitting Lyme disease. Visit the BC Centre for Disease Control’s website so you can be well informed on how to avoid, spot and remove ticks. Here’s to happy and safe hiking, yard working, and patio-ing!

Real Estate Investments…

It is right for you?

Are you trying to decide if a real estate investment might be the right thing for you? This month, I thought I’d outline the attractions and risks for you to consider.

The attractions of real estate investment outside your primary home are many and significant.


Personal Note…

Family Trips

We recently took our first, long family trip: two weeks in Waikiki. I will admit I was a bit worried about being away for two whole weeks since I can’t remember the last time I did that. The first night I thought, “Oh my gosh, what have I done?!” But after a couple of days I got into the swing of things—hanging with the boys, swimming and going to the beach. It was really great to just spend time with family and friends and not worry about the usual day-to-day things. We stayed at the Aqua Bamboo, and it was perfect: good price, great people and a courtyard with a pool, hot tub and BBQ.

The best part is that when I needed to do something, there were many options available. One night Austin even danced with a hip-hop group on the street and earned $10! This was a big moment for him, and he really went for it. Tyson, who is usually a bit apprehensive with water, was cannonballing into the pool by the last day. All in all, our trip was great, and we are already saving for next year. A few days ago, Tyson asked me if we could go to Hawaii for his birthday!

Business of the Month…

LGFG Fashion House

This month, we’re featuring Jessica Tait, Executive Clothier with LGFG Fashion House in Vancouver. LGFG is a Canadian-based, internationally respected custom tailoring shop. They dress professionals for success with their line of fine business-class garments.

Book a fitting tailored for your convenience—Jessica can visit you at your office, and in less than 20 minutes, walk you through LGFG’s lines, show you samples, discuss your preferences, and even take your measurements. LGFG’s top-end brand name fabric selection is better than anyone in the industry; all of their wools are sourced directly from brand names in Italy and England.

Learn more at lgfgfashionhouse.com. To book a fitting, simply contact Jessica!

Sunny days are here again—perfect moving weather! Let me help you save money and stress on your dream home purchase so you can truly enjoy the experience of homeownership. I’d love to hear from you, so give me a shout!

Coming up next month

Summer’s coming, and it’s time to explore beautiful Vancouver and the many cultural events it has to offer in the summer. Have you been to Bard on the Beach yet? How about the fireworks at Celebration of Light, the International Jazz Festival or Vancouver Folk Music Festival, the Night Markets in Richmond and Vancouver, or the Fair at the PNE? I encourage you to get out and take part in these wonderful summer events in our city!
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