On A Personal Note…

Thank goodness our renovation is almost finished. The reno was very stressful, but I can honestly say we’ve survived!  We just added one room onto the house; I am not sure how people live through their entire house being torn apart at one time.  The layers of dust were incredible.  How can that much dust exists?  At least three times a day I wiped everything down – and there was still a dust layer when I finished!

Dust aside, I admit that the mess was worth it.  The boys had their first taste of the space this week and spent hours running back and forth.   It is so nice to be able to let them run around since there is space for them to do so now!

The other luxury: having more space in the kitchen.  For the last few years, I’ve had to hunt for my dishes.  Dan would put random dishes away wherever he could find space.   I would constantly find things in the hall closet, under the boys’ beds or even in my closet upstairs!  Now, with more space and an island, I can finally open a drawer and and know that I will find exactly what I am looking for.

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