April 2012

April showers can bring May flowers

With the forecast looking bright for the upcoming weekend, I am starting to believe that April showers can bring May flowers… and hopefully more sunshine, too!

Market Update…

Increasing by 12.9% from February, 2012

The housing market for Vancouver has been steady, increasing by 12.9% from February, 2012. Home sellers have generally been more active than buyers for the first quarter of the year, though the market remains fairly balanced in terms of supply and demand. Read More >>

Making dreams a reality

The honest truth

To me, mortgages have always been more than just getting people into homes. It’s been about making dreams a reality. This may sound cheesy, but it’s the honest truth.

In Vancouver, particularly, the idea of home ownership can be daunting for first-time buyers. So, I’ve decided to make the process easier by showing first-time buyers that homeownership is indeed possible. How? Simple: I’m launching my 365 Days to Achieve Your Dream education initiation. Read more >>

On a Personal Note…

Thank goodness our renovation is almost finished.

The reno was very stressful, but I can honestly say we’ve survived! We just added one room onto the house; I am not sure how people live through their entire house being torn apart at one time. The layers of dust were incredible. How can that much dust exists? At least three times a day I wiped everything down – and there was still a dust layer when I finished! Read More >>

I would love to help you feel the same way about your kitchen! Everyone deserves to have a functioning and spacious kitchen, den or bedroom. Let’s talk strategy while interest rates are still low. You can achieve your dream of homeownership. Follow along with our blog or contact me today to start planning on your dream coming true.

Coming up next month

I'm starting a contest! The person who sends me the most referrals in the next 30 days will get $100 towards their mortgage for every funded referral!
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