Daily Secret

I know that most everyone is inundated with e-mails every day and I know it is my challenge to keep up with them.  I must admit I use the delete button a lot, but there is one e-mail I look forward almost every afternoon. 


It is called Daily Secret, it comes to my inbox or you can go to their website, they are little tips about amazing secrets. The send one a day and ask them to just share it with only your close friends. 


This is where I heard about the Vancouver Trade School, Have you got the skills to pay the bills? They will swap you a pound of coffee for a butter making class… or how about a photography lesson in exchange for a knitting tutorial? Trade School Vancouver is in its first term and students barter goods and services in exchange for learning – teachers make a list of what they’d like to receive in return for a class. Sign up to trade your skills for some new ones!


Local designer Mona Sultan was featured last spring and here things are amazing. Mona’s inspiration comes from old and new alike: the mosaic-works in her hometown of Damascus and the street style of fashion bloggers. Fabric content, weight, and size are all given special consideration so that the scarves hold their shape while being worn for hours. Wouldn’t you love to throw on some vibrant art as you head out into the summer sun? Visit to select your piece.

P.S.  Not the scarf type, but looking to add a little pattern to your home life? Mona also creates custom wallpaper. Check her website for examples of her work.


Intrigued?? Sign up for the e-mail.  It is one of my favorite.

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