Ahhh…where did everything go?

How a Simple Backup Can Save You a Ton of Money, or A Common (and Costly) Web Mistake and How to Avoid It.  Your website is down after a move to a new server or a virus. Now what?  The answer depends on how prepared you were!

Did you have a backup of your website? If the answer is Yes, then great, you are one of the few that have backed up your web data or had a trusted web partner do it for you. If your answer is No… you are the majority. You probably figured nothing has ever gone wrong in the past so why would it now? You might even think the people you pay to host your site have it stored somewhere. THINK AGAIN.

Problems After a Move
Your hosting company moved your website to a new server or upgraded the server. Once it was moved, your site no longer had the functionality it once did, if it was able to run at all. The technology of the web server is now top notch, but the technology of your website may be out of date and incompatible with the latest and greatest.

The Dreaded Virus
Many web hosting servers are a favorite target for hackers. Why? These servers host thousands of websites which, in turn, see many visitors on them each day. What better way for a hacker to get more bang for their destructive buck than going after web hosting servers?! It’s safe to say that many viruses will not affect a website’s ability to function, but we have seen viruses that can bring a website to its knees.  As we learned above, it’s not the responsibility of the hosting company you use to keep a backup of your site.

So, how do you get your site back up after one of these disasters? Simple Answer: Be prepared to spend a lot of money, especially if you need it done ASAP.

However, this can all be avoided if you:
Make sure your domain is registered in your name and the contact details are up-to-date
Make sure you have a current copy of your website files (daily/weekly/monthly/annual) to restore from
Make sure your web platform technology and plug-ins (CMS) are kept up to date
Scan your site for viruses regularly
With a “Honey Do” Maintenance package from Get Jacked, not only can the prepaid hours be used for everyday maintenance of you website, they can also be used to ensure you have your domain registration in your control, there is a backup being kept of your website on a schedule that makes sense to your business, your web platform and plug-ins are kept to the most recent versions, and your site is regularly scanned for viruses.

By having a plan and a trusted partner beside you, you can rest at ease knowing everything is in place to prevent your site from going down, and if something does go wrong, you can quickly get your website back up without spending tons of money.


Blog Courtesy of our friends at  getjackedaboutit

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