Let’s Get Organized!

Organizing in the New Year….

As we leave Christmas behind and stride into the new year, a common theme is getting the house or office in order. Perhaps it’s the influx of new things over the holiday, or maybe it’s just that a new year gets us thinking about fresh starts.

Look through department store flyers – every one of them has Rubbermaid totes, closet organizers and storage furniture on sale. We can buy these things, but do we make the best use of them? Do we even have time to try?

I’ve noticed a big trend in home and office organizers. Some people are naturally gifted at getting us in order. I’m time starved, so the idea of taking on re-organizing the house or office would be overwhelming. It might even prevent me from starting. Why not hire someone who can do it efficiently and get it right the first time? Recently, I sponsored a home organizing seminar because I could see in my life, and the lives of friends and clients, how important having good organizing advice and access to that help can be.

A few years ago, I had an organizer set up my office. I use those tools daily. While I haven’t needed an organizer recently, (probably because I had great help at the start!) I do have a weekly cleaner and someone who assists with keeping the paperwork in order. That being said, in our house, there are a few key areas I HAVE to stay on top of or everything falls to shambles.

The back room is a big issue – we all come and go through this space. With two kids, a husband and two dogs, it can really add up. The kitchen and home office are also prone to becoming disaster areas so I spend a few minutes every night tidying up these spaces. I also try to deal with the mail and papers right away – either by doing what needs to be done or filing them for when I need to take action.

Every month I take care of “big mess” areas in the house to get rid of the clutter that accumulates. The same goes for a clothing purge a few times a year. When I can’t find things and I’m feeling stressed out, I know it’s time for a clean sweep!

Kids and husbands will always challenge us to keep things in order! But, I like the idea of pretending to move once a year and packing up all the things we don’t need. If I don’t love it, need it, or use it, I get rid of it.

Author: Marci Deane –

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