How to determine your Money Personality

Your personality effects how you think about money, especially your saving and spending habits.  These questions will take you past the thinking of are you a saver or spender.  It is about knowing yourself better.

Lots of things effect you and help determine the way you are with money and until you stop and think about it, it is hard to figure why you are the way you are with money.  For years i was a spender and avoider but that has change a lot, getting older, having kids and getting real with money.  I know this is hard, I remember when we bought our house the major fight my husband and I had over spending $200 on paint.

He was a major hoarder, it was passed on from his mother and believe me, the first few years we had a lot of fights about money.  We have both changed over the years and I think we have found a happy medium.  Mind you some days I just have to walk the long way around so I don’t see the shoes in the window.

Here are several questions to help you determine your money personality:

  • When is the first time you remember money being talked about in your family when you were growing up?
  • When growing up, was money a source of tension in your household?
  • How would you like money to be treated in your household today?
  • When you hear the word “money”, what are the first three things that come to mind?
  • What are your “money absolutes” – the things you feel in your heart are vital to your financial peace of mind?
  • How do you define financial success?

Think about your answers to these questions, then look at the 4 personality types and see where you fall.

If you have a partner, do this independently and then get together and discuss which one you are.  This will help when you talk about money, think about where they are and try to remember it when you are discussing money issues.

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