Money Personalities – #3 The Avoider

Here is the third one, The Avoider..

Avoiders are not comfortable with the subject of money due to their lack of interest or they feel that there are other more important issues. They might not even know how much is in their bank account and planning for retirement feels too far away to worry about. The Avoider takes a “see no evil, hear no evil” approach to managing their financial affairs.  But by not staying informed about their finances, Avoiders are missing out on opportunities to set the foundation for a more financially secure future.

Common behaviours of Avoiders:

– When it comes to making a financial decision, you will avoid the situation and find all kinds of reasons for avoiding it. In fact, the less you know about your finances, the better

– You get uncomfortable talking or even thinking about money

– You let your bills stack up because you feel a sense of dread opening them up

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