Money Personalities – #1 The Hoarder

Recently I came across a great article that stated there are 4 money personalities, it made me laugh because I see all of these when working with clients. Take them with a grain of salt,  it is kind of like personality profiles with DISC, most people have a dominant trait and the a bit from each others.  Keep that in mind when you read about them.  Remember, just because you may fall into one category, you are not defined by that category and you can chance if you choose too.

Personality #1 – The Hoarder

While others see money as a means to buy nice things, Hoarders see it as a means to obtain security. No matter how much money a hoarder has, he will always fear that one false move or unexpected disaster will make him poor.

Common behaviors of Hoarders:

– You sneak your own popcorn into movies and save the money for a rainy day.

– Balancing your checkbook is fun, you get to see how much savings you’ve amassed from month to month.

– You love a great bargain and love to share with friends about your latest discoveries at the mall.

Stay tuned for the next personality…..


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