They bought a condo

So Natalia and her husband put an offer in on a condo. We gathered all the information that the mortgage lender wanted, read all the strata minutes and had a building inspection.  Then we sat down and went over everything.

This is always stressful no matter how prepared you are for it.  They did their due diligence and review all the building information and reviewed the great building inspection they had.  They decided they wanted to go ahead, it is an older building and they know there maybe a chance that down the road they will have to put some money into it but that is ok with them.  They are going to start another savings account for upkeep.

Subject removal was Friday and after a long day waiting for the final yes from the lender on the documents (we got caught in the crazy rush because of the rule change) about 3 pm I called Natalia and told her to call her realtor and get her to come and get the check.

They now have an accepted offer, all subjects removed – THEY BOUGHT A CONDO!


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