We Bought a condo!

It is so exciting and as a result I have become addicted to Pinterest and dreaming about decorating.

A couple months ago we saw an open house that we really liked but it was out of our price range and we didn’t have a down payment in place yet. The location was exactly what we wanted so we kept an eye on the area. As providence would have it, another place in the same building came on the market! There was an open house on Father’s Day so Andrew and I headed over to check it out. We both really loved it, and it was it in a price point that we felt really comfortable with. We knew we wanted to pursue it!

We met with Gina the next day and discussed the possibility of putting in an offer. With Gina’s assurance that getting a mortgage will be no problem we put in an offer! They countered back and we accepted their terms. Just like that we had 11 days to remove subjects!

Let the stress begin! The building was built in 1992 so we wanted to make sure that everything was still in good condition. We had a home inspection and passed! Everything was coming together nicely. Now all we needed was the final okay from a lender.

Andrew and I will forever be grateful to Gina for helping us. She has gone out of her way to meet with us, call us, answer questions, and just overall be there as a support to us. Gina also played Devil’s Advocate on numerous occasions to make Andrew and I think about all the angles.

We are absolutely elated and can’t wait to move in. Pride of ownership is already great; we’ve been planning paint colours, new kitchen cabinets, custom shelving, and furniture organization. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who have helped us get here. People like Gina B., Scott O., Tom M., and Leilani F. THANK YOU!

If you’ve ever been curious about getting a mortgage, please talk to Gina! She is amazing, and she truly CARES about you. We can’t wait to keep you posted after we move in!


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