And now we wait….

Natalia and her husband provided all the documents and there were lots and we removed subjects, the last day was crazy, with the rule changes in the mortgage world we were stuck in the backlog but it came down to that afternoon and we got it done.

So closing is August 20th, that is the day they will get their keys, I know that Natalia has decorated this place in her head 10 times over.

What is left to do?  Just more paperwork for our files, we will meet in the next few weeks and review all the documents for the file and then they will be off to the lawyer to get everything done.

Also, we will review the budget to make sure they are prepared once they get in there and they want new things.

I am so proud of them.  When we started they did not think this was in their reach and look at them now, Month 4 and they put in an offer. Planning is the way to go, it helped them get on the same page and preparing for the future.  I know that they did a lot of hard work and I am so proud of them.

What’s next??? With these two who knows, the sky is the limit.

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