Money, Money, Money: We wish we could have more of it.

Who doesn’t!?

As you know by now, Andrew and I have very different thoughts on how to save and spend. It was great to hear Gina lay it out on the table.

What we learned:
Natalia: I need to relax about spending and stop being so concerned that Andrew is going to disapprove of every purchase.

Andrew: Gina told Andrew that he is miles ahead in the game. It’s nice for him to hear rather than just me saying it.

If I’m truthful, I have learned some really valuable lessons from Andrew.

It’s so cool to not be freaking out about being in debt, or worrying about if I’ll make a payment. Andrew has taught me some valuable things, and I like to think that I help balance him out so he doesn’t become a tightass with money!

Our homework this month focuses around money. Continue tracking what we spend, sitting down with a drink and filling out a budget, and last but not least, we need to start putting money aside for a down payment.

Things we’re excited for:


  • Goals! Happy to have concrete goals laid out that we can work towards and try and surpass. By three months we want to have $2500. Sounds easy, but then we remembered that it was during the summer months.
  • Natalia to start a side business!


  • Budgeting! I really want to have a better grasp on where the money always disappears too. (seriously! Where does it go every month?)
  • Goals! Nice to have something to work towards.

I’m stumped as to what my side business should be. I know that I love stamping and making cards. It’s therapeutic for me.

That being said, how to I translate that into a side business? Sell pre-made cards? Host children’s birthday parties?

It’s good I have more time to think about this one.

We’re excited for next month!

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