Homework is Fun

Homework is fun when you’re working towards something you really want.
Our homework assignments were quite easy (with the exception of one).

  1. Grab coffees on Gina and start walking the neighbourhood. Check!
    We went out on weekends and saw so many great open houses. Andrew and I definitely like different things, but we both found one that we loved in the Carnarvon area that was well in our budget!

    My favourite though was in the Edmonds area! I loved the open concept, but it was at the very top end of what we could possibly be approved for.

  2. Write down our goals, and do them separately! Check!
    We completely did them separately, but we read them to each other after. We both had a pretty good laugh.

    For our three year goals, one of the things Andrew wrote was “fighting Natalia tooth and nail not to have a baby” and I wrote, “planning on having a baby”.

    We’ll see what happens! Overall our goals were pretty similar, so that’s good!

  3. Sketch out what we’re looking for and make a must have list. Check!
    This was fun! We did a sketch of the one place that we both liked.

    I think our two most important must haves are: dishwasher and in-suite laundry. Can you tell we’ve been in a rental for a long time?

    It’s also exciting to know that we shouldn’t have to settle, since there is quite a bit out there.

  4. Start tracking out spending. Yeah, this was the sucky one! Grr…Check!
    Why did I buy jeans this month? Why do I still go out for lunch? Well I guess this is a realistic representation of how we each spend.

    We’ll see what Gina thinks, and how Andrew and I will behave in front of her when we talk money.

We’re excited for May…bring it on!

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