Compromise and Communication – it’s going to be interesting!

So the month is almost up and Natalia and Andrew seem to have enjoyed most of their homework except for the tracking income. There was a method to my madness about
sending them too look at neighborhoods and apartments. I wanted them to start talking about what they liked and didn’t like and to see if any of the neighborhoods stood out.

They don’t have to make any decisions yet but we need to have a general idea what we are looking for. They are very different and I want to make sure that they both have a say in this.

Ok, so this month was fun and now we are going to tackle some of the tough stuff, they may not be as excited after this meeting but we will start to talk about money and start working on finding the middle ground for both of them. I know from talking with them and reading the original questionnaire they have very different ideas about money and we need to find a way to make it work for both of them, the words for this month compromise and communication – it’s going to be interesting!

I asked them to fill out goal sheets separately and we will review the to see what the goals are. Natalia puts in her blog that they similar but I need to see the proof, and in regards to babies, I am not sue if I am going to go there. Stay tuned for the update after then meeting.

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