Month 1: Here we go!

I don’t want to start off our first blog post bragging, but the first thing Andrew said to me when we left Gina’s house was “We are so lucky!” That’s honestly how we feel. Buying a home is a massive decision and such a huge detailed process. We’re so blessed to have this chance because Andrew and I are so out of our element here! Plus Gina is insanely awesome and says it like it is! (Really refreshing!) So in the spirit of saying it straight, here were our highlights:

  1. I have a 756 credit score rating! Which is amazing since both Andrew and I thought it was be a crap rating due to some previous spending/travelling habits! Andrew is of course an 813…big whoop, we knew his score would be great. We were surprised though when Gina told him to get a second credit card. (Canadian Tire Mastercard, here we come!)
  2. We were approved. We were both surprised at how much we could be approved for (over $300,000). We probably wouldn’t want to go that high, but it really opens up doors for us to not settle for the cheapest place out there.
  3. Having someone else involved really makes this process real and exciting! We both are on board and really want to purchase a place soon. Having someone hold us accountable for spending and saving I think is going to be challenging, but really rewarding. We talk about buying all the time now.
  4. Homework! Gina gave us homework: Walk around the neighbourhood and look at places we might like to live. We are loving walking around neighbourhoods and we’ve gone to about 8 open houses now. (Thank you Gina for the coffees!) Downside to that is that we found a place we both love, but we can’t buy it… yet.
  5. Looking at open houses makes us realize what we do and don’t want in our first home. But it also shows us that there are a lot of great options out there and I don’t think we’ll have to settle for anything!

We have high hopes for this year and look forward to introducing you to our new home at the end of it!

365 Days to Achieve Your Dreams

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