Meet Natalia and Her Husband


Marital Status:
Married 1 year

Natalia: 26
Her Husband: 22

Natalia – Project Manager at a local marketing studio

Her husband– Construction worker (currently working toward becoming a policeman)

Combined household income:
Between $50-$75k

Current home:
One-bedroom rental in New Westminster for $735/month

Approximately $20,000 in student loans

Car is paid off, her husband has a few stocks, Natalia’s rock

Natalia and her husband are newlyweds with big aspirations. They want it all: the house, the kids, the perfect life. But they also know it takes some time to get there.

When they were selected for our 365 Days To Achieve Your Dream initiative, they were ecstatic, “and a little scared,” Natalia admits.

Natalia and her husband are keen on owning a two-bedroom + den condo in New Westminster. They know to get there, they’ll need to be wiser with their financial decisions and “make more money,” .

“I’d like to learn to be more diligent with savings,” says Natalia. “If we could pay off a big chunk of debt this year and learn how to manage our money better, I know we could buy a home.”

The two lovebirds are already making some financial strides: they’ve recently paid off a substantial bank loan and are learning to talk about money more openly rather than fight over it.

When asked what they’d like to get out of their 365 Days with me, they both said: “A better understanding of how to save to achieve our goals.”

Month 1: Where do you want to be

The Baeldes will sit down with me this month to discuss their future – where they want to be, what type of place they want to own, etc. We’ll start with their dreams and work backward to devise a plan to help them implement a budget and savings plan.

May 1: Check back for an update on their progress.

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