Welcome to Mortgage Alliance West’s Corporate Perks Program for White Spot.

We want you to own a home without sweating the mortgage. It’s totally possible. Here are the services available to you FOR FREE as part of your White Spot perks:

Mortgage + Investment Education

– Free seminars (on various topics)
– Free mortgageĀ applicationĀ package
– Access to mortgage planning sessions
– Credit counselling

Dollar-Saving Strategies

– Free appraisals
– Preferred rates with local lawyers
– $150 toward legal fees
– Free pre-qualification
– Free in-file credit report
– Annual mortgage review


– After hours appointments
– On-site mortgage counsellingĀ (we come to you!)
– Mortgage counselling by phone, fax, or email
– Computer-generated mortgage comparisons
– Free amortization schedules
– Canada-wide service